A hermit once said to me:

Hey there, young traveler
seek not the treasures abound
seek not the golds and treasures
seek not the fountain of youth
seek only one thing,

To which I replied:

Why is that so, old hermit?
Why must I not seek the treasures
that await me and my soul?
Why must I not seek that which
will grant me glory and power?
Why not, old hermit?

As the hands of the clock tick
the hermit’s reply resonated
within the confines of the trees,
how eerie and fascinating,
words of time
flowing through us

Young traveler, remember this
remember this for a lifetime

It is not gold
nor is it all the treasures
you might find and hold,

It is not the conqueror
that is in power,
It is the conquered

It is only after we’ve lost everything
that we are free to do anything.


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